Statistical Analysis

Given the geologic and petrophysic complexity of reservoirs, hydrocarbon production is a multi-variate optimization. Our services include advanced processes for correlation and statistical analysis that can be custom-tailored to the analysis requirements:

Reservoir and Well Log analysis softwareClustering and Neural Networks

Clustering and Neural Network methodologies can be utilized in data harmonization and for infilling of missing information. These processes are used to create consistent datasets across the reservoir.

Correlation of data sets

Advanced processes for statistical analysis and correlation of data sets such as, core to well-log, well-log to seismic, cased-hole logs to open-hole logs, and production data to well-log

Reservoir and Well Log analysis softwareCustom Applications and Algorithms

Custom applications can be developed for data inversion and handling, such as facies classification, block filtering, thin beds and bed distributions, and reservoir geochemistry.

Tool Response Modeling

Computer-based modeling is an effective means to predict tool response for characterization or forward modeling. The MCNP environment can be extended to generic nuclear tools or models of specific nuclear tools can be developed. For sonic and resistivity tools, deterministic models can be developed.


Reservoir and Well Log analysis software