Software Development

As well as developing in-house applications, HWS Petrophysics offers development of custom software packages. These can be based on our in-house applications... Learn More »

Statistical Analysis

Custom applications of Clustering and Neural Network methodologies for data harmonization and for infilling of missing information. These processes are used to create consistent... Learn More »

Reservoir Analysis System

Each reservoir presents unique parameters and challenges in optimization. The HWS Reservoir Analysis System is configured using production logging sensors for wellbore... Learn More »

Well Log Evaluation

Basic well-log analysis provides data on the hydrocarbon potential encountered in a wellbore; and, this data enables the well operator to optimize hydrocarbon production... Learn More »

About Hunter Well Science Petrophysics

Reservoir and Well Log analysis softwareThe highest-resolution description of a hydrocarbon reservoir is at the locations where wellbores come in contact with the reservoir. Data acquisition and analytical processes of the reservoir at this level are in the petrophysics discipline. Petrophysical data is important throughout the life cycle of a reservoir; it begins with the evaluation of the reservoir from well-log and core analysis, and continues through production to monitor the reservoir and wellbore performance.

We offer a broad range of services from basic well-log evaluations, to specialized statistical and analytical processes and software. Through our alliance with Hunter Well Science we can offer comprehensive solutions for reservoir monitoring and wellbore performance; providing state-of-the-art logging instruments and software, and, complete reservoir geosciences services.

Our mission

To develop and apply advanced analytical processes for wellbore data, enabling our customers to efficiently find and produce oil and gas.